Top 15 Small dog breeds

Do you like small dogs? new Top 15 Small dog breeds Are you thinking of incorporating a new member to the family and do not know which is the best breed for you and your environment? Well, in a few minutes you will solve all your doubts because we are going to talk to you about the main breeds of small dogs:

their character, type of hair, origin and much more information that will be great for you to know them all. Also, we have a lot of photos! So you will perfectly get the idea of what each small breed is like.

small dog breeds

We normally consider small dogs to be those that weigh less than ten kilos and are less than 40 cm tall. Remember that the height of the dogs is the distance between the withers and the ground. In addition, we always talk about adult dogs, once they have stopped growing.

Top 15 small dog breeds
Next we are going to talk about the top small dog breeds. Those that adapt great to living in small spaces, coexist very well with children and the elderly, get along well with other pets, are easy to take them on a trip and are easy to educate.
In addition, we will give you extra information so that you know how to educate your small dog, what types of small dogs there are and what are the extra security measures that you should take into account if your dog is small, to always have it protected.

Top 15 Small dog breeds

Small chihuahua dog

chihuahua dog

Be honest, the Chihuahua is one of the first small dog breeds that came to mind? Normal! They are the smallest of all. Chihuahuas can weigh less than 1 kg and can reach up to 3 kg. They also have short legs, since they do not usually exceed 20 cm in height.

They come from Mexico, you may have guessed it from their name, and it is a super ancient breed, in fact, one of the longest-lived in the American continent. They lived in the wild in the area where the current state of Chihuahua is and were little trained by the indigenous people of the Toltec civilization.

Chihuahuas can have different colors, gold, black and white are very classic, but there are also beige, red, blue tones … we can find millions of different tones in Chihuahuas, in fact, there are people who say that there are not two Chihuahuas equal. Also, they can have long or short hair.

Chihuahua puppy with 1 month and a half

Regarding the character, Chihuahuas do not have much of a good reputation, as it happens with other small breeds, because they are said to be very barking. In most cases of Chihuahuas that are very barking or overly protective of their owners, the problem comes more from the type of education than from genetics.

They are very smart, brave and close to their family and well educated dogs, making them self-confident dogs, we can have perfect companions.

Top 15 Small dog breeds

Maltese bichon
Maltese bichon small dog breed

Maltese Bichon

The Maltese Bichon is that little white furry that you find more and more smiling walking down any street in the city. It is a breed of tiny dogs, between a kilo and a half in weight and about four kilos, sociable and sweet. More and more dogs of this breed are seen for several reasons:

They do not lose hair, therefore, they are ideal for people who have allergies.
They have a medium energy level, so it is easy to live with them in small spaces since they spend a lot of time resting quietly.
They are very loving and close to their family. They are not only attached to their owner, but they will have great relationships with everyone they care about, even with the neighbors or the neighborhood baker. This makes anyone who knows a Maltese to fall in love with him.

Top 15 Small dog breeds
All of this happens if the Maltese is feeling safe. If you have insecurities or fears, as with any breed, you can have bad behavior with other dogs, when staying alone at home or when you have to interact with young children among other situations.
Maltese puppy

In the Maltese there are different breeding lines. In general we speak of “the European”, taller and elongated and “the American” more compact and short. In addition, within the breed are the Maltese toy bichon, which are those that would weigh less than 2.5 kg.

Top 15 Small dog breeds

Bichon froze
Adult bichon frize in the park

Bichon Frize

The Bichon Frize dog breed has a certain resemblance to the Maltese, but they should not be confused because they are different breeds.

Top 15 Small dog breeds
Normally the Bichon Frize is a little larger than the Maltese, and can weigh up to 5 kilograms as an adult. It is also taller, and even having in some cases the same weight as a Maltese, it gives the feeling of being a larger dog due to its size, but also due to its bone structure. However, it is still a small dog.

Bichon frize with a pomeranian lulu in the garden

Top 15 Small dog breeds

The hair of the Bichon Frize is curly, not as much as that of the poodle but similar. In fact, it is descended from this breed and the barbet. Some of the main characteristics of the Bichon Frize are:

They are white
Along with other breeds such as the Maltese Bichon or the Shih Tzu, they are recommended dogs to live with people with allergies.
They are very friendly and active, ideal companions for anyone who wants a small breed.
They were very common in the Canary Islands, in fact, they are also called “Dog of Tenerife”
Bichon frize, like most bichons, do not like being alone very much and can cause canine separation anxiety. We must take this into account from puppies to educate them properly.

Top 15 Best Dog Breeds in the World

Yorkshire terrier
Adult female yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire terrier

Another very famous breed of small dog, the Yorkshire terrier are perfect companion dogs, although the origin of the breed was more linked to hunting. Yorkshires, thanks to their small size of genius. And we speak of genius in the sense of “intelligence” but also linked to a “great character” and little patience on many occasions.

Top 15 Small dog breeds

He is an incredible protector of his family, so much so that if he is not well educated, he can be afraid of everyone and be aggressive. Therefore, the pinscher is a perfect breed for people who want a very small dog but are willing to spend time on their education.
Although the most common color in miniature pinschers is black, with fire marks in some areas, we can also find them in brown, going to red and even dark brown in a uniform way.

Top 15 Small dog breeds

As an adult it can weigh between 4 and 6 kilograms, although it is so compact and strong that it appears less. He is a little mountebank who brightens up the day to day of any family as long as he is well balanced. That is why it is a great breed for people who want a small dog with the character of a large, courageous and active dog.

West Highland Terrier (Westy)
Three westy dogs

Top 15 Small dog breeds

The West Highland White Terrier or as we know its friends, the westie or westy is another of the mythical breeds of small dogs. White, small, with a big head and a super happy look, the Westie is a great conqueror of hearts both as a puppy and as an adult.
In fact, it is surely the most friendly and calm terrier with other animals. It adapts well to families in which there is little movement: if you have to play, you play, but if not, we are also very good sitting on the sofa … a good Westie must think.

Top 15 Small dog breeds

He is not stubborn at all, so if you do not have much experience in training, the westy may be a good option for you, because you will train him relatively easily, especially the most basic things like walking properly or welcoming someone when he gets home. .

Westies usually think between 6 and 10 kg. Therefore, there is quite a difference between some specimens and others. Those around 10 kg have an important presence, especially when they have long hair.

French bulldog
Male French Bulldog – Top 15 Small dog breeds

West Highland Terrier

The chubby par excellence, the mini French bulldog is the ideal companion for people who want to have a small and not very active puppy. It fits perfectly into families made up of older people, who go out for a walk or do the shopping but who cannot offer their pet too much physical activity.

Top 15 Small dog breeds
They weigh about 10 kg. Of course, 10 or 12 kg very tight in only 30 cm in height. They can be of many colors, although the most common are white and black. As puppies they have droopy ears, but as adults they stand on end, giving their faces a super funny expression.

Top 15 Small dog breeds

As puppies they are incredibly endearing, and as adults they are still heaven. Perhaps this is why it has been a breed that has had a great boom from the end of the 20th century. However, they have a certain tendency to suffer from some health problems, especially respiratory and related to obesity.

Therefore, if you want to incorporate a French bulldog into the family (actually this advice is for any breed), you must do it from a very responsible breeder to reduce risks. 

Top 15 Small dog breeds

Pug or Carlino
3-year-old male pug

Another of the best known and loved small dog breeds, pugs are adorable, friendly and outgoing little dogs. Even as adults they are kept with such a tender air that they conquer anyone. This many times causes them to be spoiled, in which case they can go from being a charming little stuffed animal to little Tasmanian devils, because they have enough character despite being little. What are the main characteristics of the pug ?:

They weigh between 5 and 14 kg, therefore, we would be talking about two quite different sizes within pug puppies.
They can be of various colors such as fawn (a shade between beige and light brown), black, golden or silver.
They are friendly and playful and can sometimes be difficult to educate as they are also stubborn.

They are always glued to the feet of their owners, they love to be and go where their owners go. Therefore, if you do not want them to sleep on your sofa, you will have to make it very clear from the beginning of your coexistence.
They live great with people who do not carry out a very high physical activity since they like to walk, but without excesses or unnecessary stress. Life calmly and taking good naps is lived much better! It seems to be the motto of the pugs.

Top 15 Small dog breeds
Coton de Tulear

The coton de tulear is another white beauty that usually weighs between 3.5 kg and 6 kg. Those that touch the 3 kg are usually considered mini cotton. They are very similar to some bichons, such as the Maltese, but differ in several ways.

What is the difference between a Maltese Bichon and a tuléar cotton?
For example, cotones de tulear do not have to be white, although they are the most numerous of this color. In addition, cotton has hair very similar to cotton, with that kind of fluffy texture,

while the Maltese has smoother hair.
Cotons are robust dogs, which can be great companions for both people who lead a sedentary life and those who have more movement in their day-to-day lives. They have a sturdy body and are good at different activities, including sports.

Top 15 Small dog breeds

Regarding their character, they get along well with young and old, and although they can be somewhat stubborn at times, they are usually attentive and easy to educate

Within the schnauzer breed there are different sizes. Those that we consider as a small breed are the miniature schnauzers, which as adults weigh between 5 and 9 kg and measure between 30 and 40 cm.

These cheerful and affectionate dogs can be of different colors, perhaps the ones you have seen the most are black with silver, but the standards of the breed also accept other tones such as white, black or salt and pepper.

Regarding character, some can be somewhat reserved with strangers, and have quite a guardian instinct. In your house there will be no lack of notice if a stranger appears since despite their small size they are brave and super protective of their family.

A curious anecdote of the miniature schnauzer is that it is believed that their beards were to mislead the rodents (for whose hunting they were bred) and that the mice when they defended themselves bite on them thinking that they were the skin, without damaging the schnauzer.

Poodle or dwarf poodle and toy
Female small poodle

Both the toy poodle and the miniature or toy can be considered very small dogs. Poodles are one of the most desired small breed dogs by all types of families. Why? Well mainly because they are very cute both as children and adults and super intelligent, active and easy to educate.

Miniature poodles weigh between 4 and 7 kg as adults and toys between 2 and 4 kg, and some can even weigh a little less than two kg. Both miniature poodles and toys can live perfectly in small houses and will adapt wonderfully to family life, being one more at home.
If you play sports and want your poodle to accompany you, it may be more appropriate for you to adopt a toy poodle, since it will have more resistance than the toy poodle and will be able to accompany you better during your practice.

Top 15 Small dog breeds

However, if you travel a lot and you want your puppy to be able to accompany you in the cabin of the plane or carry it without problems in a bag on the street, perhaps a toy poodle is a better companion for you.

The colors of their fur can be various: apricot (which is a shade of orange), black, white, dark brown, beige, gray, etc. they can also be bicolor. As you surely know, their hair is curly and they do not lose it, so they are ideal for people who may have an allergy to dog dander.
What types of small dogs are there?
Within small dogs we can find other classification categories, because within small dogs we also have dwarf puppies or toys, or those that do not give allergies:

The toys or teacup
toy teacup yorkshire dogs

They are the smallest of all, in English they are also known as teacup, because they could fit into a cup of tea. One thing must be taken into account and that is that within the same breed there may be dogs that are classified as toys and others that are the normal size of the breed. Thus, the breeds that have toys or teacup dogs are:

Maltese Bichon Yorkshire terrierShih tzuPoodle Chihuahua PugPomeranian Australian silky terrier These dogs usually weigh between one kilo and two as adults, a little more in the case of shih tzus. Many times, the toy variants of the breeds come out, due to their weight, of the standard of this one, and, therefore, they are not accepted to compete in dog shows. For example, the standard of weight for the shih tzu is between 4.5 and 8.1 kg, therefore, the toys would be outside this range.

Top 15 Small dog breeds
Hypoallergenic small dogs

Another category that we could use to group small dogs is by whether they are good companions for people with allergies or not. Thus, there are a series of races that, due to the characteristics of their skin and fur, tend to live better with people with an allergy to the dandruff produced by dogs.
These breeds, hypoallergenic breeds, indicated for people who have allergies to dog hair or dander are:

Bichon Bolognese Coton de Tulear Cairn Terrier Bichon Maltese Yorkshire terrier Shih tzu Poodle Bichon frize Miniature Schnauzer Westie Australian silky terrier Dandi Dimmont terrier
child with hypoallergenic small dog


That they are hypoallergenic does not mean that they do not produce a reaction in anyone. There are as many types of allergy as there are people who have this disease, therefore, no breed is sure that it does not produce allergy in 100% of the cases. 

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